Clients, Past, Present & Pro Bono

Make the Road Pennsylvania Action

Worked with Make the Road PA Action's organizing staff to provide leadership development training to Latinx activists and their allies in Allentown and Reading; coached organizers on developing worker relationships, meeting planning and more.

Working Partnerships USA

Worked with executive director to develop alternate strategies for Future of Work organizing, and then provided ongoing brainstorming support for organizing strategies related to the gig economy.


Jobs with Justice

Worked to develop and execute a strategic communications plan.


Help to produce state plan for Pennsylvania in 2019 and 2020.

Pennsylvania Voice

Developed a long-term campaign plan to help create a public demand for racial equity in Pennsylvania, aimed at influencing the state legislative maps as well as Congressional ones.

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One Pennsylvania

Provide strategic communications support for the #fairworkweekphl campaign, to demand fair scheduling in the city's retail, food service, and health care establishments.

Partnership for Working Families

Ran two short-term efforts to drive a coordinated national response to Amazon's request for cities to bid to be the location of their second headquarters in the fall of 2017, and to coordinate efforts with short-list cities around a week of action in April 2018.

Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration (CADBI).png

Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration (CADBI)

Helped to design and facilitate a one-day strategic planning retreat.


Helped coordinate logistics around press event in Philadelphia, provided facilitation for internal strategy session.

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215 People's Alliance

Provided consulting services on field outreach efforts for a base-building organization.

Common Cause Pennsylvania

After the PA Supreme Court threw out Pennsylvania's Congressional maps, helped Common Cause coordinate allies around a values-based approach to redistricting, and develop a public response to new maps.

Hour Voice

Worked with the developer of a wage theft app to create a strategy for conducting outreach to individual workers and also worker-led organizations.

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National Guestworker Alliance

Worked with communications and research staff to develop a plan to expand the National Guestworker Alliance's Indy Worker Guild.