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Women and Queer-Led

Leading with compassion. Delivering results.

About Us

New Working Majority is a consulting company that works with workers’ organizing groups, community organizations, and social enterprises committed to fighting for racial, economic, and gender justice. We provide support to organizations based in communities that represent the New Working Majority in the United States--women, people of color, immigrants, low-paid workers in retail, health care, logistics, the service sector, and the gig economy.

On a mission to find the best progressive talent.

We believe that the most lasting, progressive change happens when people work collectively in their own communities to build power and make their own destinies.

We are founded and led by women.

Our staff comes from campaigns, communications and organizing.

We are a values first driven agency.

Our Staff

Meet the dedicated and passionate individuals who drive our mission forward. Learn more about the team behind New Working Majority.