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Hiring and Recruitment

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We provide specialized recruitment services tailored for nonprofits, movement organizations, and unions. Our team collaborates with you to craft job postings and interview processes, offering bilingual support when needed. We handle everything from resume screening and candidate interviews to Spanish language assessments. Our full-service approach ensures that you engage with candidates who are not only qualified but also deeply aligned with your organization’s mission and values.

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Discover the best talent pools for your team.

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Digital Advertising

Boost your nonprofit or advocacy organization’s reach with New Working Majority’s Digital Advertising services. We offer targeted newsletter job ads, engaging TikTok ads, and strategic promotion plans to connect you with passionate and talented individuals dedicated to your cause.

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Elevate your recruitment efforts and amplify your impact with our expert digital advertising solutions.

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Social Media And Content Creation

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Our team crafts compelling content and manages dynamic social media campaigns tailored to your mission, helping you engage and grow your community. From eye-catching graphics to impactful storytelling, we ensure your message resonates and drives action.

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Executive Coaching

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Kati Sipp offers executive coaching services tailored to help leaders navigate their roles, work effectively with boards, and develop their staff. With personalized guidance, Kati empowers executives and their teams to find their own solutions, build confidence, and enhance their leadership skills.

Her extensive experience ensures that each coaching session provides valuable insights and strategies for successful organizational leadership.

Trusted By Changemakers

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Melinda Wiggins

Director of Operations and Strategy

We were pleased with the number of well-qualified candidates, particularly women of color in the US South, that New Working Majority found for our Program Manager search. The NWM team was hands-on and responsive to our needs.

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Mariah Montgomery

National Campaigns Director

New Working Majority's guidance was invaluable. Kati and her team helped us refine our hiring process and focus on key qualifications, designing a unique skills test to find the best candidate.

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Jasmine Rivera

Chief of Staff

New Working Majority demonstrated thoughtfulness and diligence in our critical staff search, meeting an ambitious timeline and finding the perfect candidate.  Their recruitment and hiring process was impressive.

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Hannah Sassaman

Executive Director

New Working Majority taught us how to hire effectively and build equitable hiring into our fast-paced work. We are grateful for their insights and support.