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Frequently asked questions

Why is New Working Majority the best option for my team?

New Working Majority (NWM) excels in providing equitable and effective recruitment solutions tailored to progressive organizations. Our experienced team is committed to fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces. We offer personalized services, leveraging our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by nonprofits, unions and advocacy organizations. Trust NWM to help you build a strong, mission-driven team.

Who is New Working Majority?

New Working Majority (NWM) is a specialized recruitment agency dedicated to serving progressive organizations. Our mission is to promote equitable and inclusive hiring practices, ensuring that nonprofits and advocacy groups build strong, diverse, and mission-driven teams. With a skilled team of professionals, including experts in recruitment, communications, data management, and organizing, NWM is committed to supporting organizations and leaders that drive positive social change.

Where can I find more information about your services?

You can find detailed information about our services on our Services Page. New Working Majority (NWM) offers a comprehensive range of recruitment solutions tailored to progressive organizations, including: hiring and recruitment, executive coaching and development, organizing and digital strategy consulting. Visit our Services Page to learn more about how we can support your organization’s hiring needs.

How soon can NWM starting working for us?

For our recruitment and hiring full services, as well as coaching and organizing consulting, you will need to book a call with us first to discuss your specific needs. You can schedule a call through our website. For digital ad services for job postings, you can purchase these directly on our website and get started right away. Visit our Services Page to explore all your options and get started.

What hiring support will I get?

New Working Majority (NWM) provides comprehensive hiring support through our Essential and Premier plans. These plans cover everything from candidate sourcing and initial screenings to in-depth interviews and onboarding support. For detailed information on what each plan offers, please visit our Services Page.