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Executive Coach

Kati Sipp, founder of New Working Majority, has over 35 years of experience as a political strategist in labor and migrant rights. She has held leadership roles in national and movement organizations and is an early thought leader in organizing gig workers. As a consultant, she specializes in leadership and staff development for grassroots groups and has managed significant funding projects to boost electoral participation among marginalized communities. Kati is dedicated to organizing with joy, inspired by her two children, Alina and Isaac.

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30+ Leaders Coached

Kati Sipp has successfully coached over 30 leaders, helping them develop their instincts and leadership skills through personalized executive coaching sessions.

10+ Teams Coached

With extensive experience, Kati has provided strategic coaching to over 10 teams, fostering collaboration and effective team dynamics.


Comprehensive coaching and strategic support services to enhance team dynamics, executive leadership, organizational planning, and coalition effectiveness.

Nonprofit Executives

Kati specializes in helping Executive Directors understand their role, work with a board, and develop staff.

Team Coaching

Kati has provided comprehensive coaching and training support for multiple teams, on an as-needed or multi-year basis.

Strategic Planning

Nonprofits and growing organizations need careful planning and strategy to achieve their goals. Kati specializes in developing strategies across multiple focus areas.

Table Support

Kati has supported coalition and campaign tables through planning and strategic thinking processes.

Nonprofit/Advocacy Consulting

Do you require a custom solution for your team's development needs? Kati offers expert consulting solutions for your team.

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Individual Coaching Session

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Individual Coaching Retainer

Ideal for nonprofit/advocacy executives and managers.

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Table/Team Coaching

Do you need a custom coaching and training solution for your team?

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Recommended by organizing leaders.

Barbara Lopez
Make the Road Connecticut

I appreciate my executive coaching session with Kati because she guides me through the process of finding my own answers. Over the years with her coaching, I have learned to trust my instincts and develop my leadership.

Katia Perez
Abortion Liberation Fund

Working with organizing coach Kati Sipp has been transformative. Her guidance has equipped me with the fundamental skills of community organizing and movement building. Kati's intentional focus on relationship-building within the movement is commendable, and her invaluable advice has been a constant support as I navigate new challenges in both my career and organizing efforts. Grateful for her expertise and mentorship!

Beulah Osueke
New Voices for Reproductive Justice

Kati's coaching was illuminating and offered transformative insight into my strengths and opportunities as an emerging leader. Her ability to weave well-informed political, cultural, and social analysis into my personal, professional and organizational needs provided me extreme clarity, and helped me gain balance and a sense of certainty during a period of organizational transition.

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