Matthew Braunginn

Senior Consultant


Organizing Expert

Matthew Braunginn is a Senior Consultant with over 12 years of experience in recruitment, digital communications, digital organizing, and policy work. As a third-generation civil rights activist, he integrates a racial justice perspective into all his efforts.

Matthew started his career as a field organizer for the 2008 Obama campaign. He then contributed to progressive policy solutions with the Mayors Innovation Project and built a top-performing relational digital organizing program at A Better Wisconsin Together.

Co-founding the Young Gifted and Black Coalition during the Black Lives Matter protests, he emphasized a Black queer, fem-centered approach. Trained in the Marshall Ganz School of Organizing, he also served as a lead trainer with the Wild Project.

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Trained 50+ organizers

Matt has trained over 50 grassroots organizers, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively mobilize and advocate for their causes.

Led 38 messaging trainings

With expertise in digital communication, Matt has designed and led 38 digital messaging trainings, helping high impact organizations and individuals improve their online presence and strategic messaging.

Wisconsin State Assembly Member

"Matthew brings his comprehensive understanding of the various systems of power in modern politics into his thoughtful writing and policy research. And when it comes to communications, whether it is rapid response or capturing authentic voice for social media, Matthew brings out strong voices for progressive organizations, candidates, and elected officials."

- Representative Francesca Hong

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