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Recruitment and Data Expert

Alina is an experienced organizer and consultant with six years in progressive politics, currently based in Boston, MA. Transitioning from traditional organizing to digital and communications work, she now focuses on recruitment and data management. Alina is dedicated to building a sustainable leftist movement by promoting equitable hiring and employment practices to reduce turnover and burnout. Passionate about labor and economic justice, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies and Employment Relations from Rutgers University.

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15+ Successful Hires

Alina has successfully placed over 15 highly qualified and diverse applicants in meaningful roles, ensuring each hire aligns with our client partner's mission and values.

16 Lifetime Clients

With a portfolio of 16 lifetime clients, Alina’s strategic expertise has consistently supported organizations in achieving their recruitment and strategic goals.

A few of Alina's clients.

Jobs With Justice

"New Working Majority provided critical guidance and support for multiple campaigns while I worked at Jobs With Justice. Alina’s keen eye for new social media platforms helped craft compelling videos as workers described their need for the PRO Act. Her [Alina's] expertise and deep knowledge of the movement added tremendous value to our efforts. I’d recommend New Working Majority to anyone needing brilliant strategic minds to enhance their campaigns."

- Joel Mendelson, Communications Director

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